Vít Horký, Czech Founders z.ú. & VC


Vítek Horký

Co-founder of Czech Founders z.ú., Co-founder & General Partner in Czech Founders VC

Vit Horky is a startup founder and investor. He is a Co-founder and General Partner at Czech Founders VC as well as a founder of Czech Founders, a non-profit helping to support the Czech startup ecosystem.

In his previous role, he was a founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, a B2B technology startup. He led the company from inception to opening offices in San Francisco, London, Dubai and Boston, acquiring Fortune 500 customers in 30+ countries, hiring over 130 employees and raising $6M+ in venture capital. In 2019, Brand Embassy was acquired by NICE, a publicly traded technology company.

Prior, he was a founder and CEO of Inspiro, a digital advertising agency, acquired by Publicis Groupe, and Inspiro Creative, a software distributor (failed with style).

He is an occasional business angel investor and an external Investment Committee member of J&T Ventures, a Czech late-seed VC fund.

Vit holds a board positions in various non-profits focused on impact innovation (Moonshot Platform), youth entrepreneurship (Muzes Podnikat) and youth education (Dofe).