Václav Pavlečka, Czech Founders VC


Václav Pavlečka

General Partner in Czech Founders VC

Václav is a co-founder and General Partner at the Czech Founders VC, where he works closely both with ambitious startup founders and with over 40 Limited Partners of the fund.

For over 15 years, Vaclav has been bridging the gap between the worlds of marketing & innovation. In 10 years of his marketing career he has consulted businesses across the globe – tech companies in US, China but also corporate clients in Europe. In 2013 Vaclav has brought Leo Burnett’s Chicago innovational hub Farmhouse to Prague to foster the innovation within ad business. Before that Vaclav co-founded a brand-tech consultancy Kliché Killers in NYC.

In 2016 he has finally decided to devote his time completely to bold entrepreneurs, so he co-founded Air Ventures fund with Michal Nydrle, well-known admen in CEE. Vaclav is also a partner and creative head of the biggest startup clash in Europe, Disraptors (previously Startup World Cup & Summit).